A nonprofit dedicated to investing in the future of ballroom dance in the Upper Midwest and nationwide.
Fully tax-deductuble opportunities to contribute.


U Partner Dance provides:

  • Initiatives focused on increasing involvement with ballroom dance
  • Low-stress opportunities for dancers to participate in DanceSport
  • Funding and logistical support to organizations promoting ballroom dance in their area
  • Fully tax-deductible opportunities to contribute to ballroom dance

Consider investing today!

Part of what we have supported in the past and will support in the future is the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club and competition team.

Community efforts we proudly support:


A low-stress, feedback-based event designed to:

  • Provide social dancers and competitors alike with meaningful feedback from professionals they might not otherwise have access to
  • Introduce beginners to the general format of a competition in a low-chaos environment
  • Provide a preparatory event for those looking to compete
  • Allow couples to experiment with new choreography and costuming


Learn more at mnballroomblast.com

A low-cost, beginner-friendly dancesport competition where:

  • New competitors can see what dancesport is about in a local, friendly environment without breaking the bank
  • Spectators can enjoy the beautiful dancing and spectator-sport atmosphere of the competition, particularly during the evening show
  • Experienced competitors can compete against some of the nation’s best dancers in all styles and involve their local coaches for real-time feedback


Learn more at udancefest.com

A Night with the Stars

A classy night of social dancing and performances for all ages designed to:

  • Increase the cohesiveness and unity of the ballroom dance community
  • Support the growth and development of local collegiate organizations
  • Celebrate those who participated at the USA Dance National Championships


Invest in the future of dance

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